Find The Perfect Baby Gifts For The Little One

Congratulations, your little angle is on the way!

You’ve got a million things to do, learn, read, and prep for, but you must not forget to have a baby shower and take a little time out to enjoy friends and family before the little one comes.

Alternatively, maybe you’re not expecting, but rather, attending a baby shower, or just looking for a gift for a friend or loved one. Whatever the reason, Gift Closet of Ireland is the perfect place to find beautiful, hand crafted, unique presents to celebrate yourself or someone else.

If you don’t know where to start, or what to ask for, we’ve got you covered. Our inventory is filled with clothes, shoes and other baby care products made with loved and relay a sentimental touch. Here you’ll find well-crafted, unique baby gifts that you won’t find anywhere else. It’s simple; let Gift Closet Ireland be your ultimate destination for useful and undeniably cuddly baby gifts.

Clothes and so much more

Whether you are looking for sweaters, baby blankets, decorative cushions, or any other number of adorable gift pieces; with us, you have unlimited options. Don’t worry if you don’t have anything specific in mind, that’s not a problem either. We’ve divided our products into pre-categorised section to help you choose from. Included are some of the most popular baby gifts approved by experts and expecting mothers.

Warm and soft bedclothes

From our children bedclothes section, pick from a number of soft and warm blankets that any child would love to nap with. The elephant baby blanket is one of our best sellers and comes in a gender-neutral beige, in case you’re not sure if it will be a boy or a girl. There are also hand-stitched christening shawls which are soft as wool and are beautifully designed.

Sweaters and Cardigans

In this section, you’ll find differently coloured and beautifully crafted varieties of sweaters to keep any child warm. Girls can enjoy one of our double knit sweaters, including the pink premium polyester model and boys will look dapper in one of our green or blue cardigans. Some can be buttoned while others are pullovers, depending on your preference.

Child’s Dresses

If sweaters and cardigans aren’t the right options for you, then wait until you see the dresses we have for the little ones. From white hand-knit dresses, with a decorative silver fleck around the bottom trim, to peach coloured dresses that come with a matching hat, you’re sure to find something that stands out.

Toys and more

If you’re not looking to give or receive children’s clothing, even though they’ll surely be a hit, there are other options to choose from. Take a look at some of our other options including baby blocks, toy houses, toys bags for organization, or stuffed teddy bears for companionship.

Baby elephant ceiling hangings are sure to keep your child engaged while in his or her cot, and the different patterns are great for brain stimulation. It is true children may outgrow their clothes quickly, but a love for animals or a kick start to an active imagination are priceless.