The Best Stag Party

One of the most important days in any man’s life is his wedding day. On the day of his wedding he will commit to a lifelong union with his wife. This special day is usually preceded by a stag party that will be organized by the groom’s best man. Unfortunately, stag parties have a reputation of being simply a drunken bout and for many bridegrooms the next day, which is wedding day, is a blurred memory because of a pounding headache and terrible hangover.

Fortunately, this type of embarrassing memory can be avoided by organizing your stag party at the Basecamp Action Adventure Park. This amazing 80 acre adventure Park is located in Ireland and is well known throughout the world as the premier stag destination for stag parties that want a better experience than simply a drunken orgy.

The staff at this awesome action adventure park truly understand what it takes to organize and put on a stag party that will be remembered by the group for years. There is an action-packed adventure package called the Stag Play and Stay package where you and your group will receive three hours of paintball excitement and adventure. This package includes a full commando kit, 200 paint balls, hotel accommodation at the luxurious Maldron Hotel in Limerick, a VIP late-night bar entry, and free finger food at the famous Flannery’s bar.stag-parties-ireland

The groom will be very impressed by this choice of location for a stag party. The best man will truly have come through for his buddy. The cost of this exciting adventure is very affordable and therefore the entire group should be able to turn the stag party into an entertaining weekend. The beautiful nearby town of Limerick also is well known throughout Ireland because of its fantastic clubs, bars, and restaurants.

There will be nothing quite like this paintball venture as you and your buddies divide into teams and try to be the paintball victors. Also, the stag party will include a unique challenge for the groom. The groom will have to try and run the gauntlet of the famous Stag Run Challenge. This challenge will be the highlight of the stag party.

All of your arrangements will be completely taken care of by the knowledgeable and friendly staff. This action adventure park has been performing successful stags and hen parties for years and they know exactly what it takes for any group to have the best of times. They will even organize a bus to pick you and your friends up from the airport or bus terminal if that is required.

The bottom line is simply this. There are stag parties where everyone involved would rather forget what occurred and then there are stag parties where everyone involved would love to do it again. When you visit the Basecamp Action Adventure Park Website you will be amazed at all of the activities that this facility has for stag parties, hen parties, graduation parties, and family outings.