Wardrobe Staples for Every Working Woman

Being the well-dressed, fashion forward woman at the workplace isn’t as hard as you think. You just have to know what pieces fit you, and every occasion, well. Add on a pair of eye-catching shoes, and you’ll be put together before you know it.
Getting the million dollar look is as easy as investing in a few quality pieces.

Wardrobe Staples for Every Working Woman

Looking the part is almost a job requirement nowadays in the office. While most offices don’t have a strict dress code, they all want you to dress the part as you’re representing the company. In the past women were confined to tailored suits, expensive tops, or a number of other high quality, but high priced workwear.
Of course, if you enjoy this look, and it is a great one, don’t get me wrong, I’m not one to tell you to change. Just that this is no longer the only option for women. As more and more people are stepping away from corporate offices, so is the need to dress in stuffy office wear. The new fashion trend is moving toward smart, casual clothing, and I for one say it’s about time.
I’m not talking about showing up to a meeting dressed in jeans and a jumper, but if you’re creative with your outfits, you just need a few staples to turn a relaxed outfit into a professional look.
Dress the part, but feel more comfortable, by having these staple pieces on hand.

1. Perfectly Tailored Pencil Skirt – Black is ideal

Having a perfectly tailored pencil skirt will take you far. High waisted skirts will make tucking in any top a breeze. It will also accentuate your hips. Alternatively, you can go with one that sits lower, if you’re more comfortable with this type of fit. This cut works well for women with wider hips and less of an hourglass figure.
As long as the skirt fits you well, meaning it’s not too big or loose, you’ll radiate professionalism without feeling restricted. Add on a pair of chic, but sensible shoes if you’ll be on the move, or some killer heels to glam up the look.

2. Blazer from VAENO

A blazer is my go-to piece to tie together any look. Use this to your advantage. Invest in a well-made, well fitted, designer blazer to wear at the office and for almost any other event.
Whether you’re wearing trousers, a dress, skirt or bodysuit, simply grab your blazer on the way out of the house and be sure you’re ready for any setting. This versatile piece can also be worn on a night out, on a date, or to dress up a pair of jeans. It is definitely a wardrobe staple.

3. A Day-To-Night Dress

No one has time to rush home after work before heading to happy hour, and you shouldn’t have to. Be sophisticated at work and prepared for drinks after with a day-to-night dress. Pick one that fits your form and isn’t too short, but has the right details and cut to stand out on its own.
You’ve worked hard; you deserve to unwind and have some fun. With this outfit, you won’t have to wait for a second longer than you need to, to transition from the office to the pub.

4. Ankle Length Slacks

One of the most recent trends in office wear, ankle length slacks are truly a must-have. It is a super-versatile garment whose flattering cut makes it a favourite among women everywhere. Comfortable and easy to put on, you’ll be dressed in no time in the morning.
Again, this is a chance to dress up, or down, your look with one of the many pairs of shoes you’ve been waiting to wear.